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You look after your business - I look after the numbers

Here at AWS Accounting, I provide a complete accountancy service. I have 25 years experience as a Chartered Accountant and I am a member of the Institute of Chartered Accounts in England and Wales (ICAEW).  In 2024, I started up my own practice and so I can well identify with start-up businesses and the bureaucracy faced.  In fact, I can see why you would want to pay someone to do all of that.

I offer a full range of compliance services such as statutory accounts, self assessment, corporation tax, business formations, payroll outsourcing and VAT.  As well as this, I am able to help you with annual budgets, monthly management reporting and scenario simulations, whereby the financial impact of changes in the business can be explored. Not to forget assistance with business plans, for those either starting up or looking to expand. 

I provide a friendly and accessible service to local businesses across the area of East London and Essex, and will do everything to help your business succeed. Whether you need assistance now or in a few months time, give me a call on 07739 449057 or fill in the contact form here, so that we can discuss your needs at a free initial consultation.

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Exciting news - Funding Partnership with Swoop announced

We partner with Swoop to ensure we are able to best help you should you need any type of funding - loans, equity, savings and grants. With Swoop we can offer simple and clear comparisons that allow you to make choices on the most appropriate financial products and services.

Swoop works with over 500 institutional and fintech lenders, so whether you need extra stock to get through an upcoming busy season, a VAT loan to help manage cashflow, want to purchase new equipment or are thinking about expanding we can identify the best financing options for you.

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In combination with my accounting services, AWS Accountants is a one stop shop for financial success.











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Who are AWS Accountants and how can AWS Accountants help you or your business?

AWS Accountants was born out of the desire of its Chartered Accountant owner, Adrian Suckling, to break free from the bureaucracy and routine of life in a big city firm and start working with smaller, nimbler businesses.  These are the businesses that form the backbone of the Country, and more specifically, they form the backbone to the community I have lived in since the tender age of one.  I want to bring some aspects of the professionalism of a large city firm to the local market, knowing that getting all the right risk and acceptance processes in place at the start, means much less time is spent after that on on-the-job administration. 

I will help you to comply with all your legal requirements such as the preparation of financial statements and corporation tax returns, to file self-assessments for one or more members of your team or family.  Not forgetting to file those VAT returns that seen to become due very quickly.  This is the compliance part of my role working with you. 

We can stop there, but having gained so much understanding of your business, from doing the compliance work, it puts me in the unique position of seeing how the vast amounts of data you are generating, can be used to run your business more effectively.  And more effectively doesn't always mean more money, more effectively might be more time to spend with loved ones. 


With a rigorous annual budget and monthly management reporting being provided by me, you will soon see the areas of your business that are pulling their weight.  You can then make strategic business decisions supported by fact rather than a feeling.

You are now at the position of understanding where the business is today, but it would be just as useful to know where it might be tomorrow.  Using the functionality of Futrli by Sage I am able to work with you to model changes in your business and play out different scenarios.  This might be as simple as seeing the impact improved credit control would have or your cashflow position.   To something more substantial, such as eliminating a product line, you now know to be loss making. 

Rather than making decisions in the dark, you'll be able to see where your current business activities may take you to and how small or larger changes can affect that journey.  This knowledge can give you the power to make the decisions that matter to your business





What AWS can do for you

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Compliance work


Efficient legal compliance covers statutory accounts, corporation tax returns, VAT, and self assessment. I use TaxCalc which ensures accurate filings and frees time for business focus.

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Business formations


I assist startups and expansions with legal entity formation, government registrations, and customised business plan support tailored to your needs.


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Budgets & management reporting

Setting a budget means you are clear on where you want to get to and how that journey is progressing.  Management reporting provides tailored decision-making insights based on your business needs.

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Forecasting and scenario analysis 

I use Futrli by Sage which provides actionable insights. Forecasting uses historical data for informed predictions, aiding business planning and decision-making.

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Where AWS is based

I am based in Upminster on the border of East London and Essex, and can travel into Essex and London to help your business handle all aspects of your accounting.

If you do not require in-person accountancy services, I also provide online accounting to businesses and sole traders throughout England and Wales.

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Why Choose AWS?

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My approach to fees is that monthly payments work best for both of us and packages are available.  All of my work for you is itemised and I will agree fees in advance, so that you can make an informed choice on the scope of work.  I make sure that we have time for regular meetings so that you can ask that question that has been bothering you, without worrying that it will result in additional costs.

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Investment in technology

As a new practice, starting from the ground up, I have had the freedom to invest in the latest software. I use TaxCalc for my compliance work and it integrates with Companies House and HMRC.  Futrli by SAGE allows me to provide real insights into your data, for purposes such as monthly management reporting, annual budgets and forecasting including scenario simulations.

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With a free consultation, we can work together to see what you actually need done,  rather than what your accountant would like it to be.  I will then tailor my services to you and I can be flexible to work around your schedule as much as possible.  As a human, I won't know the answer to every question, but I'll always do my best to find it out and come back to let you know.


Local and online

While I predominantly serve the business community around Upminster, Hornchurch, Romford, and Brentwood, my services work equally well remotely and so I am available to any UK business.  We would agree how the aspects of the job that are usually face-to-face will work for us, but I have a secured site for you to upload documents to, and use all of the major chat platforms when we want to talk.   If you like what you hear about my service, please don't let distance be the thing that puts you off.

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Book a consultation with an accountant in Hornchurch here, or call Adrian on 07739 449057 to get started on organising your finances.

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